Grey Muzzle Organization Helps Save At-Risk Senior Dogs

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month which shines a light on the overlooked gray-muzzled shelter pets.

While they are a bit slower to get up and moving, they are still just as adorable as puppies or kittens and are a lot less work.

Don’t be fooled by their age, many senior dogs still love to play and go for walks. Aside from teaching us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, senior pets are the best companions.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexander Grey

They all deserve a loving home and that is why one nonprofit organization believes every month should be National Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

The Grey Muzzle Organization is focused on helping at-risk senior dogs nationwide by providing funding and resources to animal shelters and rescues. They support senior dog programs like hospice care, soft beds for senior shelter dogs, and senior citizens adopting senior pets.

They see having a wise and older dog as the privilege it is. Senior dogs are often discarded when health issues arise, so the organization helps cover the costs of medical treatments giving the dog the second chance they deserve.

“We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid,” states Grey Muzzle.

Hundreds of senior pups have been helped by the nonprofit since it was founded in 2008. Check out some of the amazing stories on their website.

Sadly, hundreds more are waiting in shelters across the country for a loving home. Shelters and rescues are begging for adopters and fosters to help with the influx of animals.

Dogs like Cowboy, an 11-year-old “scruffy” Wire-haired Fox Terrier, are surrendered when their owner becomes ill, and they are left afraid and confused. Misty Eyes Animal Center took in the senior guy and said, “Although he can be a little nippy when he’s frightened, scared and confused, once he settles in a gets to know everyone, he’s a lovable little dog.” Anyone interested in adopting Cowboy can find out more below.

If you are searching for unconditional love and a friend who will always be by your side, head to your local animal shelter and adopt a senior dog or cat. Shelter life is hard on any animal, but especially on seniors. They have so much love to give and just want the same in return.

Join us in making sure senior shelter dogs are as comfortable as possible by donating here.

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