Tiny Abused Dog ‘Talks’ To The People Who Rescued Him

A little Shih Tzu named Gremmy was given a second chance at life and he finally learned to trust his rescuers.

The little pup was surrendered to a shelter by his abusive owner, but the damage had long been done.

In a press release, rescuers explained that Gremmy arrived at the rescue filthy, matted, sick, and aggressive toward any human who approached him.

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

He would need extensive rehabilitation, but even then, it was unclear if he’d ever adjust to life in a home with a family.

The National Mill Dog Rescue took over Gremmy’s care and began working to rehabilitate him.

“Gremmy quickly became a kennel favorite. Many of the volunteers fell in love with him right away – it was hard not to. How could you not fall in love with ten pounds of scared, traumatized Shih Tzu, with sad, but hopeful eyes?” the rescue wrote on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

The rescue went on to say, “Videos and pictures of his progress would be posted in National Mill Dog Rescue’s Volunteer Group. One in particular of a Rehab Team Member rubbing his belly and him crying/talking, really pulled on my heartstrings! This one had my husband and I both in tears. Who could hurt such a darling little guy?”

It’s a good question, but not one we could ever answer. Thinking of harming such a sweet, innocent animal is incomprehensible, even though it happens all the time. Gremmy’s abuse was beyond average, with the National Mill Rescue noting that it was one of the worst cases of abuse they’d ever seen.

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

Thankfully, Gremmy ended up in good hands and got to experience love and a family before he passed away.

Watch the touching video below:

Gremmy eventually found a home to call his own and overcame his fears and aggression. He even got his own Facebook page to be an ambassador for abused and neglected animals!

The sweet pooch lived 16 months with humans who loved him before succumbing to the years of abuse he suffered before being rescued.

His passing was announced on his Facebook page, with his owner writing: “…our Gremmy’s frail little body gave up, he told us it was time and he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. His time with us was short – but powerful. He may have suffered years of horrendous abuse at the hands of his former owners, but for his last 16 months, he knew nothing but love. He loved tator tots, ‘Gremmy snacks’ (Cheetos), butt scritches, soft beds and his people. We are forever grateful to NMDR and his rescuers along the way. We love and miss you EVERY day, Gremmy!”

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