Woman Spots Rare White Deer In Her North Carolina Yard

A woman in Greensboro, North Carolina managed to photograph an incredibly rare white deer that was wandering through her yard.

According to WFMY NEWS 2, Barbette Wall spotted the deer outside the window of her home and knew she was looking at something special.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She managed to snap some photos of the deer and was more than happy to share them with the world, so she submitted them in to the news.

Chad Silber with WFMY News 2 shared photos of the deer on Facebook and it looks like the albino deer is statue!

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, albino deer lack pigmentation. Because of that, they have completely white hides and pink eyes, noses, and hooves.

Albinism occurs in an estimated one of 30,000 deer, making them quite rare to spot in the wild.

Albino deer are not to be mistaken for piebald deer, which have spots of white on their hides but aren’t entirely white. Some light-colored deer can be mistaken for albinos as well, but if they have colored eyes, noses, or hooves then they’re not true albinos.

Photo: flickr/Allen Gathman

Because of their unique coloring (or lack thereof), albino deer likely don’t survive as long in the wild as their tan-colored counterparts. They don’t blend in as well, making them more susceptible to predators and hunters.

Have you ever seen an albino deer before? Let us know!

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