Father Gives His Son A Special Gift, But He Didn’t Know He Was Paying It Forward

The love between a father and a son is something special. When we have the opportunity to see it behind the scenes, it can sometimes move us to tears.

Tears are what many people are shedding after seeing what a gift from a father to his son, Braheim Fowler, meant to both of them. It may seem like a simple gift, but the entire story is nothing short of magical.

Fortunately, Devon, the father, was able to capture everything on video. It starts when he gave his son a green baseball bat for his birthday.

Photo: Twitter/ESPN

This wasn’t just any birthday gift. Braheim was so happy that he burst into tears immediately.

Judging by the conversation that ensued between father and son, it seems as if he was afraid that his father had forgotten his birthday. He was so proud to receive a green baseball bat that he cried with joy and hugged his father.

Photo: Twitter/ESPN

That was his 12th birthday, but almost a year after he received that special green baseball bat, another video captured a moment that was straight out of a Disney movie.

Devon was sitting in centerfield watching his son play baseball. When Braheim got up to bat, you could see he was holding the green baseball bat his father had given him the year before.

Photo: Twitter/ESPN

When the pitch came his way, Braheim swung and connected, sending the baseball soaring over the center field fence. His father was close enough that he could run and catch the ball.

Devon was so excited that he started yelling: “I got it! I caught it, Boo!”

He also was screaming ‘thank you,’ undoubtedly for the memory he will cherish for the rest of his lifetime.

Since that video was taken, Braheim has continued to follow his love of baseball. He is now playing both first base and pitching for the Overbrook High School in Clementon, NJ.

You can see the video for yourself here:

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