Shark Tracker Tells Us How Likely You Are To Find A Great White Shark In The UK

Although very few of us are ever in a position where we will meet up with a great white shark, it is still a concern that may be in the back of our minds. We might think that we are safe, depending upon where we live in the world but what if you live in the UK?

Considering the fact that it tends to be rainy and chilly in the UK, you may feel as if you will never find a great white shark in the waters.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In reality, however, sharks are found in great numbers in the waters off of Britain, and a chief veterinarian scientist, Dr. Harley Newton, would like us to know more.

We’re going to focus on great white sharks because they tend to be the ones that people fear more than any other. It may surprise you to learn that great whites are not a shark that exists only in tropical areas of the world. They can travel extensively, and they live in waters both cold and warm.

In the Eastern North Atlantic, there have been many great white sharks that have not only been spotted but have also been documented. That may not be the case off the coast of the UK, but there are reports that some exist in the area. They just have been photographed yet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Ladbible, Dr. Newton says that it is a strong possibility that white sharks will swim to the UK. She goes on to say: “We are, as a result of climate change, seeing some of the first shifts in their use of habitat. Some species are moving slightly northern to get to some cooler waters but overall that’s not a huge shift yet.”

The problem with looking out across the ocean is the fact that most of us are only looking at what is on the surface. Sharks may sometimes appear on the surface but they are also taking advantage of the miles of ocean that are underneath.

Since 2016, Dr. Newton has been on 84 different white shark tagging expeditions. Those expeditions, which are conducted by Ocearch have been of great interest to the doctor.

Photo: flickr/Elias Levy

Dr. Newton also insists that she has never been scared on any of these expeditions. Ladbible reports that she said: “White sharks are a really interesting species that are extremely inquisitive and cautious. The bigger the animals get, the more skeptical they are of our boat and everything else that’s going on.”

Even though all of us would like to avoid getting bitten by a great white shark, knowing the odds can be at least a little bit comforting. It isn’t like we see in the movies, Dr. Newton insists that the chances of being bitten by a great white are somewhat small.

Stanford University also trying to with a 2015 study. They said that the odds of being bitten by a great white if you are an ocean diver is one in 136 million.

Photo: flickr/Elias Levy

Dr. Newton explained that great white sharks are not necessarily a danger to humans. There are some risks involved when you are interacting with them, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what is around you.

She claims that the uptick in bites from white sharks is not due to more aggressive sharks, is because there are more humans in their environment. Sharks are just doing what they do best, swimming around and looking for something to eat.

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