Kayaker May Have Unknowingly Filmed Great White Shark In British Waters

We may have many fears in life but near the top of the list for most is the possibility that sharks are in the water.

Personally, I blame the movie Jaws and although I’ve seen it multiple times, I still go to the theater but I always hesitate before I go in the water.

Photo: YouTube/CicilyLJ

Then again, there are some parts of the world where great white sharks are not thought to be in the waters. People can gladly go in and enjoy some time at the beach without having to worry about becoming fish food.

One of those areas is in the waters off the British coast. People can generally go in without having to worry about great whites being under the water but even that is now being questioned by some experts.

Photo: YouTube/CicilyLJ

One video has given some people reason to question the presence of great whites in British waters. It was shot back in 2012 and shows a tiny kayak out bobbing around in the waves off the coast of the Isle of Mull when something breaks the surface of the water.

The woman in the video is obviously frightened and begins to panic. I have to admit, if I was in the tiny kayak out of the middle of the water and a shark showed up, I would panic as well.

There are some things to consider with this video. It may be a great white shark and some are looking into that possibility, but it could be a harmless species of shark as well. Some of those sharks, such as the basking shark, get quite large but they aren’t generally a threat to humans. There are other sharks that also fall into that category.

Photo: YouTube/CicilyLJ

One thing that we do know about great white sharks is the fact that they cover a lot of territory. Although they are not generally seen in British Waters, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is outside of their range.

In the end, the video is not of the highest quality and the water was choppy, making it difficult to hold the camera still and focus on the target. It will be interesting to see what researchers learn after looking into it further.

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