Great White Shark Leaves ‘Poonado’ In Unsuspecting Diver’s Face

If you are the type of person who waits all year to watch Shark Week, then you are going to love this additional video.

It was shown on the Discovery Channel, and I think it was something that nobody was expecting.

The video was from “Mega Predators of Oz” and it shows a diver getting a face full of something unexpected.

Photo: Instagram/@sharkweek

It wasn’t teeth that were coming at the diver but rather, it was feces flying in his direction as the shark exited.

The video itself only lasts about three seconds but it shows still another reason to be fearful of these mega predators. It surely was alarming, but the team of biologists took it in stride.

Photo: Instagram/@sharkweek

They were interested in gathering a sample of the feces to see how great white sharks could have been responsible for the Mako shark which turned up half eaten in South Australia.

Considering the fact that great white sharks can weigh as much as 5000 pounds, I certainly wouldn’t want to get caught in the wash of a shark leaving my vicinity.

Photo: Instagram/@sharkweek

New fear unlocked!

Check out the video below from the Shark Week Instagram account:

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