Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker’s Oar In South Australia Waters

Matthew J. Gorne is an avid fisher and he knows his way around the water and its wildlife. But even the most experienced people can be caught off guard from time to time.

That recently happened to Matthew while he was fishing in Spencer Gulf in South Australia.

Photo: YouTube/Matthew Gorne

He was filming with two GoPro cameras when a great white shark approached his kayak.

Being familiar with sharks, Matthew likely didn’t think much of the great white shark. Sure, it was massive, but true shark attacks are incredibly rare.

Photo: YouTube/Matthew Gorne

He never could’ve expected what would happen next though. It’s a good thing he had the cameras rolling! As the shark swam under his kayak, the massive animal breached the water and attacked his oar!

Matthew shared about the shark encounter in a 2-part video series on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Matthew Gorne

In the first video, you can see the great white shark swimming toward Matthew’s kayak and gliding below it. The shark disappears in the water for a moment before reappearing on the other side of the kayak. However, it’s not long until the shark returns and swims back under the kayak, but you don’t get to see it exit this time.

Right when the shark should appear from under the kayak, the GoPro drops down and loses sight of the scene.

In the second video, you can see right where the first video left off but from a different angle and camera.

Matthew is minding his own business and watching for the great white shark when it suddenly breaches the water and bites at his oar! See the moment for yourself in the video below:

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