Great Dane Struggles to Fit in Tiny Dog Bed in Viral TikTok

Regardless of a dog’s size, they all seem to think they’re lapdogs. This is true even when they are gigantic breeds that no matter how much they may wish it, they’re never going to fit in spaces more diminutive dogs can and will squeeze themselves into. That was the case with a Great Dane that desperately wanted to curl up in a tiny dog bed they were never going to fit in. His name is Kernel, and it didn’t stop him from trying — repeatedly. He even attempted stretching it with his massive paws, all to no avail.

great dane tiktok
Photo: TikTok/kernelthegreat

Large Dog Breeds

Recently, a gigantic Newfoundland on TikTok hilariously tried to gingerly maneuver his way around his human on the small loveseat they were attempting to take a solo siesta on. Now, in another epic fail, TikTok star @kernelthegreat gave it a shot with a petite donut-shaped doggy bed that was clearly not going to accommodate his enormous frame. The narrative of Kernel receiving the paltry score of 1 out of 10 for his struggles (complete with intense game show quiz music playing in the background) only makes his hysterically dismal efforts that much funnier.

Great Dane
Photo: TikTok/kerenelthegreat


They can try to wish themselves small all they want, but it would be wiser for Kernel and other dogs his size to take a tip or two from Goldilocks and opt for a more appropriate fit. In this case, Kernel finally throws in the towel and settles for flopping down on top of the coveted bed rather than actually lying in it. He’s so large it pretty much just disappears from view once he’s commandeered it. We’re not sure, but the little dog it likely belongs to probably wasn’t too happy about it, but perhaps they were reclining in Kernel’s bed and didn’t really care one way or another.

TikTok Comments

The running commentary for the video was almost as funny as the 8-second clip. One user commented, “Large boy does not know mass or dimension. Only knows be comfy.” Another joked, “Me leaving for work at 7:30 determined to make it by 7.” Many more shared the fact that their dogs do the exact same thing. Does your dog? Watch the video below.


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