Gray Whale Swims Between Beachgoers In Southern California

A wildlife photographer captured the incredible moment a gray whale swam amongst beachgoers in Southern California.

Mark Girardeau is based in Orange County, California, and he regularly photographs wildlife, particularly whales.

Photo: YouTube/Mark Girardeau

Recently, he pulled out his drone and managed to capture some incredible footage of a massive gray whale.

Mark shared on YouTube that the whale was inside Dana Point Harbor for a couple of hours before exiting the harbor and continuing up the coast towards Alaska.

Photo: YouTube/Mark Girardeau

On the way up the coast, the whale happened to stop in front of the Montage Hotel near Aliso Beach in Laguna Beach, California, where it joined some swimmers for a paddle through the water.

The beachgoers weren’t expecting a swim with a massive whale, but that’s exactly what they got!

Photo: YouTube/Mark Girardeau

Mark managed to capture the drone footage right in front of the hotel.

Check out the incredible video below:

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