Excited Rescue Puppies Say “Thank You” To The People Who Saved Them

Being in the dog rescue space is challenging. Not only is it hard to actually do the rescue operations and care for the dogs, but seeing the distress the animals are put through is enough to move most people to tears.

The struggles of animal rescue are all worth it when a dog is given a new chance at life. To see an animal work through and overcome challenges is invaluable.

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

Often, when rescuers take in a group of dogs from a tough situation, the animals are unsure and afraid. It’s a big adjustment to go from a life of abuse or neglect to one of love, and it takes some adjusting.

Rescuers with the National Mill Dog Rescue are all too familiar with the ups and downs of dog rescue. Their mission is to rescue and rehome “discarded breeding dogs” and educate the public on puppy mills and and the “cruel reality of the commercial dog breeding industry.”

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

While most of the dogs they rescue go through an adjustment period, one lucky group of puppies had nothing but gratitude to show their rescuers. The rescue was thrilled to share a video of the happy pups on YouTube.

They explained in the description, “Sometimes when we film a Casual a Friday episode, we see many dogs who are fearful, shut down, and unsure. But today, in our newest grouping of rescues, we will see dogs who are almost grateful, trying hard to say thank you for giving them a new step in life.”

Photo: YouTube/National Mill Dog Rescue

They added, “It’s fun to see dogs who are just excited about what’s to come. Just you wait, little ones, the future is brighter than you could ever dream!”

Watch the sweet video below:

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