Remembering to Be Grateful for The Kindness That Still Exists in This World

The world is truly getting greedier and more vicious as years go by. Now that there’s also an internet society, it’s easier to realize that many people contribute to the darkness enveloping the world. You’ll suddenly see that kindness is becoming rare these days. It’s also why nice gestures are often overlooked because people question even the most honest behavior. Many find it hard to believe that kindness without hidden agendas still exists. That’s why making goodwill part of your personal growth is essential — never let it die because the world gravely needs it.

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Practicing kindness will be challenging, primarily when the world tests your patience. You’ll know a person has impeccable strength and courage when they still choose to care even when they are brought down. They are admirable as they lighten the world with big or small acts of kindness that create a ripple effect. Moreover, practicing kindness is challenging when you witness inconsiderate people thrive in life. A Redditor pointed this matter out in an LPT post which garnered 74.3k upvotes and 1.2k comments.

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AdSnoo9734 posted, “It takes extreme strength and courage to be a consistently kind person in a world that rewards selfishness. Make sure to thank people who demonstrate kindness. They are choosing the hard, selfless route to make the world a better place for everyone.” Without kind people, the world will be a less tolerable place to live in. There’d be no balance, children would grow up without anyone to look up to, and more people would be oppressed by entitled individuals. Be grateful for their unselfishness, and they deserve recognition for doing their part in society.

“A simple ‘thank you for your kindness. It takes a lot of courage and strength to be kind’ goes a long way,” OP wrote. It was also mentioned in the post that kindness is a choice. A person can choose how to respond to a situation — someone can easily throw away every ounce of care to fight back. Many people agreed with AdSnoo9734’s statement, which has served as a reminder to be grateful for the kindness you receive every day. It’s an effort to help someone even when they are strangers, although turning a blind eye is easier than getting involved. But without helping each other out, society would fail to progress for the better.

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TwoPercentTokes commented, “Sometimes it feels like we are all just being swept away in the torrent of current events without any initiative of our own, but society is a cumulative phenomenon, and your kindness does make a difference in the world. Have courage, my friends, and be the change you want to see.” When others see the beautiful effect of kindness, people will start to make a move and pay it forward. For instance, listening to people’s worries can make them realize how nice it is to be heard. Once they encounter someone that needs a person to talk to, they know that the best thing to do is to listen attentively.

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You can practice kindness bit by bit, because it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Start with being nice to those you encounter daily, such as saying thank you to servers, politely talking to customer service, or making a loved one smile. People could be having the toughest day — be kind, especially when you don’t know what they’re going through. Everybody’s trying their best to survive, so don’t be the reason why they find the world even more problematic. Redditors have written thought-provoking and excellent points in the comment section. They could not help but answer with lengthy, valid sentiments, which made the discussion worth the read. OP’s Reddit post will enlighten you, due to the various opinions, which are certainly engaging; you’ll end up commenting as well.

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