Watch: Grasshopper Mouse Fights Scorpion And Howls At The Moon

Have you ever watched a mouse fight a scorpion? Now’s your chance!

While it sounds like it’d be a rare occurrence, it’s something that happens “almost every night” in the Sonoran Desert.

Photo: Facebook/Netflix

Netflix shared a video of the grasshopper mouse taking on the scorpion. The clip is from the doco series Night on Earth that explores the hidden lives of creatures at night.

While mice are generally stereotyped as being timid and afraid, but the grasshopper mouse is an exception. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, unlike most mice, grasshopper mice are carnivorous. They’re also “highly aggressive and territorial,” and will run off intruders in their space.

Photo: Facebook/Netflix

When an unlucky scorpion wandered into a grasshopper mouse’s territory, it was in for an unpleasant surprise. We wouldn’t think a mouse would be able to take on a scorpion, but this little guy sure had some strength behind him!

Not only did he fight the scorpion but he also drank its venom and then howled at the moon!

Photo: Facebook/Netflix
Photo: Facebook/Netflix

Netflix shared the clip on Facebook, writing:

“I bet you’ve never seen a mouse fight a scorpion for territorial rights. But it happens almost every night in the Sonoran Desert. Discover your new miniature action hero in this heart-stopping scene from our doco series Night On Earth.”

Check out the video below:

What a fierce little mouse!

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