Puppy Found In Ditch With Fractured Leg Makes Complete Recovery Before Boarding Flight To Freedom

A good Samaritan in Louisiana found an 8-month-old puppy in a ditch unable to walk on his front legs and rushed him to the local animal shelter, Cara’s House.

When the puppy arrived at the shelter, he was soaking wet and unable to put weight on his front left leg. He was examined by a vet and an X-ray revealed that he had a hairline fracture.

The sweet hound mix was named Granola and put on kennel rest to see if his body would heal on its own. The vet believed this treatment along with medication would heal the fracture, and it did!

Photo: Cara’s House

Granola can walk again and play like a puppy should. He will join dozens of other Louisiana shelter dogs on this month’s Flight to Freedom and find a loving home in Idaho.

The flight will leave New Orleans airport on Monday, February 27, with over 40 dogs from overcrowded shelters. The dogs will arrive in Idaho where animal shelter staff and volunteers will be waiting to bring them back to open kennels and find them loving homes.

Cara’s House is an open intake animal shelter in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, and does not turn any animal away. They take in roughly 3,000 animals a year and need help finding loving homes for them all.

GreaterGood’s monthly Flight to Freedom, along with our partners Greater Good Charities, saves lives by taking dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters like Cara’s House and flying them to shelters in other states with open kennels and adopters waiting to meet them.

You can help save lives by donating toward the cost of fuel for the Flight to Freedom. Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety. Every month, we can help fly pets to safety and give them a second chance thanks to your generous support. Donate now!

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