Netizen Shares His Grandpa’s Adorable Habit of Keeping Records of Movies He Watched

Keeping a journal is beneficial for humans as it serves as a memorabilia and an overview of someone’s life. Every person has a different way of using a diary that reflects their personality or interests. Some people would incorporate their artistic side, while others prefer a minimalistic approach. By keeping a journal, you don’t only get to keep records of your life but also freely express yourself. On every page, you’ll see how far you’ve come and how you’ve developed into the person you are now. Looking back will be easy — you’ll laugh or cry at the memories you thought you’d forgotten.

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Your entries are filled with interesting things that your loved ones will enjoy reading someday. They’ll get to know more about you and the things that took so much of your time. And through a journal, one man amazingly found out how his grandpa loves to record every movie he has watched. It was a completely organized list that includes the date, film title, time, and language. The journal was a fascinating item that has been with the netizen’s grandfather since ages ago. It’s like a book that you can use as a reference whenever you’re looking for something to watch. The grandson shared two pages from the record book on Twitter and has gained a lot of engagement online.

Photo: Twitter/AK

AK wrote in the caption, “Long long ago, my grandfather has created his own version of Letterboxd to keep record of the movies he had watched. I’m awestruck by the fact that he’s watched Hitchcock and James Bond films in theaters.” His grandfather’s film list wasn’t only a treasure to keep but also contains trivias about each movie. In his second tweet AK said, “This is insane. Apparently, Anbe Vaa (1966) was inspired from Come September (1961) and my grandfather had watched both the films in theaters.” The tweet caught the attention of film enthusiasts and those who found the item valuable. People suggested that the journal should be preserved and protected.

The grandfather certainly has a remarkable habit which can be practiced these days as well. It’s a special way of writing entries in your diary mainly when you are a movie geek. Sometimes people tend to forget a title or the year of the film release — the record book is a nice solution. If other’s keep a music journal, then you can start with your film diary like grandpa. You could also associate a movie that is relative to what happened to your day. There are many ways to make journaling fun like the grandfather — you can start now and thank yourself in the future.

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