Kids In Tears After Saying Goodbye To Rescue Dog Get Sweet Christmas Surprise

Early in December, the Parrett family went from Fargo, North Dakota, all the way down to Texas in order to visit family. According to INFORUM, it was during that trip that then ended up meeting Country, a stray dog who had wandered onto the family property and wouldn’t leave.

Naturally, the Parrett children fell in love with the stray pooch. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take him home.

Photo: YouTube/InForum

So, when it was time for the family to leave Texas and fly back to Fargo, the children were quite sad. There wasn’t a dry eye in the car on the drive all the way to the airport.

The children had grown quite fond of the stray, and as their mother, Nicole Parrett, stated, “He was just so pleasant to the kids and that’s what won us over because we weren’t initially, it’s like no matter what happens, we’re not taking this dog home.”

Photo: YouTube/InForum

According to INFORUM, she added, “As soon as we started driving away they both were weeping. It was horrible to watch.”

But, little did the kids know, things were about to change. That wasn’t the last that they were going to see of Country. In fact, very soon, Country would end up moving in with them – all thanks to their Grandpa Mike. Even though he lives in the southeast of Texas, he would go on to give his grandkids the best Christmas morning surprise of their life. He drove Country all the way from Texas up to North Dakota – a whopping 1,250 mile trip! That is definitely a big undertaking, but Grandpa Mike felt it was more than worth it.

Photo: YouTube/InForum

As he shared, “I wanted to make them happy, I knew it, it is something you just know. And I was going to make it happen.”

This meant that on Christmas morning, his grandkids woke up to the wonderful surprise of seeing Country again. At first, they thought he was just there for a visit, but then they were informed that Country would be living with them forever! And they were elated!

Watch the adorable video below:

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