Grandpa Creates Custom Bed For Child With Autism

Living with autism can be challenging. There are some people with autism who are severely disabled and will never be able to live independently, but there are others who can function in the world and just see things a little bit differently. The spectrum is large, but there’s one common thread along the whole thing: the need for inclusivity and accommodation.

Since there’s no cure for autism, many people are advocating for better accommodations for those with autism. The world isn’t set up for those who function differently, but more and more people are working to change that.

Photo: Reddit/u/libertyordeaaathh

A grandpa’s recent example of inclusivity and accommodation has moved people around the world over the thoughtfulness and care that went into it!

Reddit user u/libertyordeaaathh shared that his grandson (and those with autism and other conditions) can benefit from having a place to hide and feel confined and safe. With that in mind, he built a custom bed for the child! He shared a video of the custom bed on Reddit with the caption:

“So some kids with autism and other conditions need a safety bed to keep them contained and safe. I built this one for my grandson. Seemed presumptuous to post here but was told to do so. Hope you like.”

Photo: Reddit/u/libertyordeaaathh

The bed is really something special, as it features a detailed Winnie the Pooh theme. The outside of the contained bed looks like the outside of Pooh’s house, with the signature “Mr Sanders” written across the top of the door. Inside is equally as magical! It looks just like the inside of Pooh’s treehouse and features a pull-out bed and plenty of honey.

Thanks to the pull-out design, the child can either rest inside the comfort of four Winnie the Pooh-themed walls or easily move the bed and enjoy the entire bedroom.

Photo: Reddit/u/libertyordeaaathh

What an incredible grandpa! One thing is certain: His grandson is lucky to have family like him to show him love and support.

Check out the bed for yourself in the video below:

The world could use a little more inclusivity for those with different brains.

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