Prepare Tissues Before Watching This Video of a Bride Giving the Most Touching Surprise to Her Grandmother at the Reception

Weddings become much more memorable and important when your loved ones are around. Although a couple is the main highlight of the celebration, family members are also a huge part of it. Everyone is about to step into a new chapter of their lives. The bride and groom will start their own life — parents are expected to accept a new part of the family. Besides parents, the wedding isn’t complete without grandparents. Mainly when they played a huge role in the bride or groom’s life.

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Grandparents have a different treatment of their grandchildren. They remind people of warmer and simpler days. For this reason, they deserve to be treated special — as a grown-up, it’s your turn to make them smile. And the perfect example of that is Laura Talevi. Even if it was her wedding, she made her grandmother one of the event’s highlights. Laura must have loved her grandmother so much that she couldn’t help but thank her in a remarkable way.

Photo: Instagram/lightcannonfilms

Laura just got married recently, and her wedding became a trending topic on the internet. The viral clip was shared by the videographer at her wedding, Light Cannon Films. Laura secretly had a wardrobe change during the reception before the father-daughter dance. It turns out she was about to surprise her dearest granny — Laura appeared wearing her grandmother’s wedding gown. It was a touching moment between grandmother and granddaughter.

Laura entered the event hall, approached her grandmother, and greeted her with a kiss. As soon as she realized it was her wedding gown, granny got teary-eyed. She even boasted and told the nearby guests that it was her wedding gown. Laura and her father danced in front of her, and the happiness was evident to the family. It was the right way to honor her grandmother and make her feel special.

Since it was shared on the wedding photographer’s page, the video has garnered 40.8 million views, 2.6 million likes, and over 5k comments. Instagram users couldn’t help but share their feelings in the comment section. Everyone was amazed and touched by Laura’s gesture — she deserves to be the granddaughter of the year.

Almost everyone in the comments cried due to the beautiful scene, and who wouldn’t, right? Weddings will make you cry one way or another — making tissues and handkerchiefs a necessity you should never forget when attending one.

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