Granddaughter Planned a Victorian-Themed Party for Her Grandmother’s 89th Birthday

Having a themed party has got to be one of the most fun things to plan, especially during birthdays. You get to design the whole place with props related to the theme. From cartoon shows to under-the-sea concepts, there are a million ways to spruce up a place to achieve the look in your vision.

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It’s more fulfilling when planning a themed party for your loved one’s special day. All the efforts pay off when you see that they’re smiling from ear to ear all throughout the party. Setting up a birthday party can only be successful when the person celebrating it enjoys it more than you thought they would.

The Victorian era is one of the most exciting themes to do at birthday parties. You can’t deny the fun of dressing up like royalty, sipping tea, and indulging in sweets. Guests are expected to dress closely like the people from the Victorian era, but of course, no one should upstage the celebrant.

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A content creator has shared an Instagram reel on her account, which showed the highlights of her granny’s birthday. Sneha Desai has successfully given her grandmother a memorable 89th birthday. They even dolled her up with a stunning purple dress, gorgeous brim hat, laced gloves, and, to complete the look, a dainty parasol umbrella!

Photo: Instagram/littlemisschatterbox28

The grandmother also wore makeup, and her Victorian-era accessories were complete. She was fully ready to grace the high-tea party with her presence. Granny did not even look close to 89 during her birthday party — she has aged gracefully. Happiness is evident when you watch the Instagram reel, and you’ll be tempted to plan a Victorian-theme party for yourself as well.

Photo: Instagram/littlemisschatterbox28

The sweet granddaughter, Sneha Desai, wrote in the caption, “Dadi just got younger at 89!! Age is just a number. I love the spirit and energy my Dadi has at 89!! Love the way she still enjoys every lil thing. She is an inspiration to us. Wishing her many more crazy birthdays and memories.”

Due to its adorable content, granny became a star on Instagram as her birthday party gained 47.8 million views, 3.7 million likes, and 16.6k comments. People all over the world greeted Dadi with a happy birthday and showered her with love in the comment section.

Dadi will surely cherish the memories from her well-planned themed birthday party, especially since she celebrated her birthday with those she holds dearly in her heart. It wasn’t just the tea and biscuits that brought warmth and sweetness that day; it was the extraordinary people who made the birthday party happen.

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