A 76-Year-Old Woman Is a Friendly Neighbor Grandma Who Helped a Man Amidst Robbery

Danger surrounds people. We all should be alert for surprise attacks, since you never know what’s around the corner. May it be day or night, even the safest areas you know can be intruded on by people with harmful motives. For this reason, you must be fully alert in unfamiliar places and even in your neighborhood. The era where humans live now has motivated people to harm others for their survival.

Photo: Instagram/Goodnews Movement

Daily news includes numerous reports from various countries and states — people are getting robbed, killed, or harassed even in broad daylight. You’re fortunate if there are people brave enough to rescue you despite the possibility that they’ll be attacked, too. The world will surprise you with the person who will come to your rescue. One man might’ve been shocked at who ran without hesitation to give a helping hand while he was being robbed. Surprisingly, it was a 76-year-old grandma from his neighborhood.

Photo: Instagram/Goodnews Movement

The video shared by the Goodnews Movement on their Instagram page showed a robbery scene where the suspect was harassing an elderly man. A few seconds later, the grandmother was shown running while waving her cane — ready to defend the victim. The friendly neighbor grandma’s name is Faye, and she courageously walked to the scene along with her dog. She called her German Shepherd, Troy, who can be called Wonder Grandma’s intimidating sidekick.

Neighbors were so proud and amazed by the senior citizen — who did not have second thoughts about endangering herself for a co-elderly. Her neighbors weren’t the only people who admired her bravery but also the internet. The video from the Goodnews Movement earned 2.2 million views, 100k likes, and thousands of comments. An Instagram user also mentioned, “She should get a medal. Extremely brave and selfless.” Indeed, the heroic deed should be remembered and celebrated.

Although the robber was not caught, it’s a relief that the man was still alive. If Miss Faye wasn’t there to distract the robber, he might have harmed the man even more. Goodnews Movement shared in the caption about Miss Faye’s take on the scene. She funnily blamed her bad knees for not being able to catch the suspect. Nevertheless, she was still a hero for doing her best and continues serving as a significant community member.

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