A Grandma and Her Granddaughter Had the Time of Their Lives Experimenting with Bright Hair Colors

Grandparents complete your childhood as well as your adult life. They can be at any stage in your life and still be your number one confidante. Being with them takes you back to your childhood days — when everything seemed so easy and full of fun. Regardless of the age gap, you know you’ll have a nice day with your grandparents. You can go out on a trip with them, talk about random things, or cook a recipe that’s been your favorite ever since you were a kid.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Grandparents aren’t only there for guidance; they can be your best friend as well. Never forget to show appreciation for them because they aren’t hesitant to express their love for you. Be grateful for having someone who’s got your back, whether about a serious life matter or a fun idea that will make both of you laugh out loud.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Good Morning America shared an entertaining video that showed a fun-loving moment between a grandma and her granddaughter. At first, it looked like a usual hair color routine, because grandmas normally apply hair dye to cover their white hair. Sometimes they ask one of their grandchildren to do it for them, which the woman in the video did. They were in a hair salon, and Granny was already in her seat, completely covered from the neck down. However, the hair color was unexpectedly far from what grandmothers usually have. The granddaughter explained that the process is called an “Acid Spill.” By the name itself, it doesn’t sound like something an older adult would choose. Nevertheless, the grandmother was ready, and her reactions were as vibrant as her hair colors!

The first color was a bright yellow-green. Granny immediately laughed — making her granddaughter and another woman laugh as well. Her hair was divided into different sections of colors, and she did not even complain. Grandma was certainly as colorful as her hair at the end of the video. The laughter shared between the grandmother and granddaughter was undoubtedly beautiful and highly contagious. Grandma really knows how to have fun — who says age has something to do with engaging in exciting stuff?

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

The comment section expressed their adoration for Granny and mentioned how the video made their day. Her happy heart might be one of the reasons she’s aging gracefully and still radiates a youthful vibe. Having fun is obviously their favorite bonding moment — they both know how to paint the town red. Be prepared to be in a fit of laughter when you watch the video below. Their hilarious reactions are extremely contagious, and you’ll find yourself playing the video repeatedly. Your day will be so much better after seeing the result of the salon session.

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