A Family of Foxes Regularly Visits Grandma’s House to Play and Spread Happiness

Having animals around makes the place happier and more exciting. It’s fascinating to see how they express themselves most adorably. Every little thing about them can immediately make someone smile — even during mischief. For this reason, cute animal content quickly goes viral on the internet. A bunny simply eating a strawberry can gain millions of engagements. Sometimes the videos can get extra random, such as a cat acting like an electrician. You’ll even see various stories of animal encounters that are entertaining, heartwarming, funny, or eye-opening. From Facebook to Reddit, the adoration for animal content is truly evident.

Photo: Youtube/Zoo Land

One of the most interesting animal stories is when they randomly appear in a human’s life. Sometimes it’s not just dogs and cats — wild animals can also wholesomely interact with people. The encounter often happens at a safe distance unless the animal badly needs help. For instance, a woman allowed a mama bear and her cubs to spend leisure time in her yard. They weren’t doing anything bothersome, so she just observed them through a camera. She would leave toys or anything that can entertain the family. Meanwhile, for a grandma, a family of foxes became her regular visitors.

A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother’s house
by u/Vechrotex in aww

During a visit to her grandmother in Illinois, Reddit user Vechrotex was astounded by the surprise she saw from the deck. The timing of her visit coincided with the family of foxes’ playtime. The fox kits were comfortably playing on the deck, which showed that they were already familiar with her grandma’s place. As the kits strolled around, the mama fox watched them from a corner — relaxing in the peaceful yard of their dear grandma. Vechrotex and her grandma decided to capture the moment. After that, the internet was smitten with the fox kits.

Her grandma would even send her pictures of the baby red fox. With how endearing the photo is, the Redditor couldn’t help but share it online. In her Reddit post, she wrote, “A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother’s house.” It was such a heart-melting photo that it gained 107k upvotes and over 800 comments. “Ah, this little one has learned the ‘I give cute face, human give noms and treats’ act very well,” kibufox commented. The family of foxes was completely unaware of their fame and that they were showered with love by netizens. Grandma is so blessed to have kind foxes visit her, especially when they brightened her deck with their presence. Happiness can certainly be found in a photo or video of cuddly foxes.

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