Granddad Refuses $500 In This Very Wholesome And Heartwarming Video

Buckle in, people! I have a video for you today. It is from the subreddit MadeMeSmile, but it’s either going to make you cry from how touching it is, or it’s going to make you aww from how wholesome it is. Both, if you’re like me, so here’s some virtual tissue for you just in case.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Diana Polekhina

The video starts with a person approaching an elderly man on a walker and politely telling the man of his apparent predicament while holding up a pack of diapers in front of him.

“I’m a new dad and I’m a few dollars short for diapers… Do you have a couple of bucks by any chance?”

Not a second after the person asks his question did the elderly man reply with an affirmative, hand already on its way to his pocket. He told the person that he’s been there, done that.

The statement had the person asking the man if he’s a dad too, and this reply had me saying an awed “wow” out loud: “I’m a granddad and a grand dad,” the elderly man confidently answers as he gives the person some money.

PHOTO: Reddit/shoulder_2_lean_on

Here comes the twist. The person didn’t really need a couple of bucks from the granddad. The man behind the camera announces that he has $500 dollars on his person. And Frank looks up to this person and tells him not to dare, already predicting what’s going to happen.

“I’m 80, and I’ve got enough money to get me by. I’m good,” Frank says. “I don’t want to turn money down, my wife will kill me. I know God sends gifts, but I don’t need it today.”

Failing at giving Frank his money, the man behind the camera then just asks if it’s okay to give Frank a hug, and he agrees.

As Frank gets up from his walker, he shares that he has some heart problems but then proceeds to smile widely and open up his arms to give what is probably the warmest of hugs to the stranger.

“If I get to paradise before you, I’ll save you a seat,” Frank says. (This is where I melted down btw.)

The video ends with the man behind the camera saying “I love you” to Frank. Wholesome, I tell you. Frank, wherever you are, I love you too, and so do all the people who have seen this video.

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