Sorry, Not a Fan of Tattoos: Grandma Relegates Grandson to Lowest Rank mong Her Favorites

People online are enjoying a video clip posted by New York City comedian Dan LaMorte on Tiktok, featuring his grandma!

His grandma is known at home for having a leaderboard where she ranks her favorite members of their extended family. Prior to showing his new tattoo to his grandma, Lamorte was ranked fourth.

Photo: Tiktok/danlamorte

Then, a funny thing happened. After seeing the new tattoos on his shoulder, Lamorte’s grandma moved his rank to the lowest at number 10! Definitely, she does not share his enthusiasm for body inking!

Speaking of tattoos, do you know that humans have been designing their bodies with tattoos since the time of the Ice Age — about 5,200 years ago? At the time of the Iceman, based on expert studies, the tattoo was used as a therapeutic treatment for joint pain.

Photo: Tiktok/danlamorte

Later, tattooing was also popular among ancient Egyptians but was an exclusively female practice. Female mummies have been found with various ink markings, which some people think were signs of their being prostitutes. But other experts believe it functioned as therapy, amulet, and body adornment for Egyptian women.

The tradition of tattooing can also be traced to other ancient cultures like the pre-Columbian people of Chile and Peru. Evidence of tattoing was also found among the Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Africans, and the Maori people of New Zealand. In fact, among Maori women, it was believed that tattoos on their mouths and chins were the secret of youth.

Photo: Tiktok/danlamorte

Today, the practice is popular in almost every part of the world as a fashion statement and a method of self-expression. And people are getting tattoos on almost every part of their body, from head to toe. Now, tattoos also have major styles, from traditional and tribal to watercolor, illustrative, and blackwork.

But, unfortunately for Lamorte, his grandmother is not a fanatic of this ancient custom. Haha!


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