Married Couple Got into a Fight After Husband Insisted on Taking Down Her Daughter’s Grad Photo

When children achieve awards at school, parents are the first to feel proud of them. They celebrate it by eating out, going on a vacation, giving kids presents, and so forth. Parents are good at flexing their kid’s achievements in life and will share it in a conversation with friends and relatives whenever they have the chance. Nowadays, posting on social media is a form of expressing happiness for a child’s success. Graduation photos and such will be parents’ favorite photos in their feed.

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Although almost everything is pretty much online, one tradition still exists in families. When a family member graduates from any education level, their graduation photo should be framed and displayed. It’s the sweetest gesture that showcases validation for any achievement. However, in Throwaway624335’s household, a spot on a wall for a grad photo became the cause of an argument. According to the mother’s post, her daughter recently graduated from high school, and OP was so proud that she hung her daughter’s grad picture on the living room wall.

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OP’s husband also recently attained an achievement of his own. The daughter’s stepdad gained his master’s degree and proudly showed his graduation photo to OP. The conversation was full of celebration for their family until an issue occurred. OP was excited to display her husband’s graduation photo next to her daughter’s. However, he refused and said some condescending things, which annoyed OP.

“I was puzzled I asked why, and he said that he didn’t feel it was right to have his graduation photo, a master’s degree be hung next to a high school graduation photo, a high school degree. He said that both photos have “different weight and value” and suggested I take my daughter’s photo down and hang his instead,” Throwaway624335 wrote. “I was fuming because he refused to let her photo be hung anywhere near his, and he has claimed the entire wall. I refused and said this photo has been here for months! and my daughter deserves to have it on display for encouragement.”

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After she fought for her daughter’s picture, the husband got upset, and they got into a fight. He kept on insisting that his reasons were justifiable. Throwaway624335 was called inconsiderate by her husband because she values her daughter’s graduation as much as his. Although she was the villain in her husband’s eyes, OP was supported by Reddit users. Her post garnered 14.6k upvotes and 2.9k comments.

With how infuriating the husband’s attitude was, one Reddit user couldn’t help but comment an insult. “NTA, I’d hang it right over the toilet where his attitude belongs,” Low-Assistance9231 commented. Aside from throwing shade at the husband, people also pointed out how an adult with a master’s degree finds himself competing with the daughter. His actions clearly show who the kid was in the situation. It was evidently immature and, like what aabbccbb said, “Can we also talk about how cringe this is?”

Although he is not the daughter’s biological father, it’s still unjust to belittle someone else’s achievement. It was even wrong of him to corner his wife and make her choose between him and her daughter. His master’s degree is for nothing if he continues to be boastful. Acting superior all the time won’t take you anywhere.

Since OP posted the issue on Reddit, users have commented nonstop, and the discussion is still ongoing. It’s incredible of Throwaway624335 to stand her ground and protect her daughter. Express your support by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

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