Abused Female Dog Finds Home After 6 Months in Shelter

An abused rescued pit bull is finally living her best life after a social worker stepped up and adopted her.

Good Samaritans found Gracie as a stray on the beach in Crescent City, California, back in November of 2022. They took her to the local animal shelter where volunteers with Dogs of Del Norte County got to work.

She had improperly cropped ears and low-hanging nipples. It was apparent that she needed medical care. “No one came for her,” a long-time volunteer with Dogs of Del Norte County said.

The rural community pulled together to help. Volunteers drove her over two hours to Coos Bay, Oregon. Once there, the S/Nipped Animal Hospital admitted her for an evaluation.

As it turns out, Gracie was suffering from more than mutilated ears and over-breeding. She also had a broken jaw and needed an emergency hysterectomy.

Del Norte resident Karen Harner works with the pound and met Gracie after her rescue. She said on Facebook, “Severe abuse cannot even start to describe what this girl has gone through in her life. A botched home job of cropping her ears. She’s suffered a broken jaw at some point in her life. And when we had her spayed, she also had pyometra.”

If Gracie’s pyometra had progressed further, she could have died.

Thankfully, she started recovering beautifully, and within a month, she was outside playing fetch!

Update on Gracie❤️Gracie is recovering beautifully from her surgery. You can see such a difference! She is just full of enthusiasm and sweet wiggly smiles. She feels so much better! Sweet Gracie went in for a spay and had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Staff and volunteers noticed several uncomfortable looking abnormalities when this girl came in and luckily she was able to see a vet quickly. She is now resting on the biggest, coziest bed we could find right next to the heater! Long gone are her days of terrible infections, rough ear crops, and malnutrition. Only love, snuggles, and treats now my dear!Grace is great with respectful kids of all ages and just loves allour volunteers. She is easy on the leash, loves her walks through the forest, and also enjoys a good game of fetch. This special little lady would really like to go home for the holidays!

Posted by Dogs of Del Norte County on Monday, December 19, 2022

Nearly six months passed, and Gracie sat in the shelter alone. Her health slowly recovered, and she was ready to move on in life. Sadly, no one called the shelter to ask about her during that time. In May 2023, however, everything changed for Gracie when a social worker heard her story.

Since the woman works with kids who have been abused or neglected, Gracie’s story really drew her in.

After meeting Gracie in person, the social worker couldn’t say goodbye. She decided to welcome Gracie into her life forever. She saw through the dog’s rough past and recognized her as the sweet and loving dog she is.

In a June 10 update, Dogs of Del Norte shared, “Her new family says that she is so well mannered and one of the best dogs they’ve ever owned.”

Gracie is getting plenty of exercise and even gets to enjoy swimming in the river!

The post concluded, “She’s living her dream life now and deservingly so.”

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