Camera Caught a Gorilla Deep in His Thoughts, and Twitter Users Had Fun Interpreting the Video

The internet is indeed a cornucopia of entertaining and informative animal content. Most of those pieces of content are shared on social media and often go viral a few minutes after being uploaded. Understanding animal behaviors becomes even more interesting — such information can amuse or surprise you. The internet allows people to learn more about the world, even outside school. Perspectives are changed, and misconceptions are explained more clearly. You’ll also witness how animals can act and feel like humans do.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

Fascinatingly, a video of a gorilla that shows an uncanny behavior similar to humans has been uploaded on Twitter. Do you know how people get so caught up in their thoughts that they stare into space? Apparently, a gorilla has that habit as well. The 23-second clip was tweeted by Susanta Nanda IFS with the caption, “He knows that he knows something.” It definitely looks like a human having a debate inside his head. The gorilla even has his hand on his face, which portrays a thinking human even more.

Anyone can relate to his situation. Sometimes you just have a lot on your mind and you cannot return to reality. Perhaps the gorilla is also thinking about a thought he had forgotten — he was just sitting there until he remembered it again. Twitter users were undoubtedly fascinated with the video since it’s rare gorilla footage. Who would’ve thought that humans aren’t the only species that overthink or daydream? With how amusing the video is, the tweet has gained over 43k views and 1,879 likes. Aside from the brand new information, it became a source of fun for Twitter users as they shared their video interpretations.

Ravish Jha replied, “What was I thinking about.. what was I thinking about… forget it.. what should I think about.. what should I think about..”

He really did seem torn for whatever reason, especially when the gorilla started to shift his eyes to the other side. Someone also pointed out that the gorilla might have been plotting something big. Maybe he is, and it might be about some certain life decisions. How about you? What are your thoughts about the video? Retweet with your interpretation to start a fun conversation with your friends on Twitter. Let the thinking gorilla get in your head with the thought-provoking video.

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