Gorilla Dad Steps In To Mediate His Roughhousing Sons

I am an only child so I never grew up with siblings. But what I’ve heard from friends who had them is, childhood was a series of play fights that often went too far.

These often resulted in Mom having to step in and break them up. But, sometimes, if Mom wasn’t around then it would have to be Dad who did the breaking up of play fights.

Photo: YouTube/Amazing Animal by love life05

While this might be normal in the human world, it’s not uncommon in the animal world either.

One gorilla dad living at the Taipei Zoo must be quite exhausted after having to be playing referee between his two young boys.

Photo: YouTube/Amazing Animal by love life05

The observant gorilla dad is named D’jeeco, and he had to step in to break up some roughhousing when it was getting too out of hand – just like any other dad in the human world. This gorilla was watching the two baby gorilla brothers wrestle in the grass. However, at one point it was getting a little wild. So, D’jeeco steps in.

As you can see in the video below, he separates his young sons, getting them to settle down. Once he’s sure that there won’t be any more issues, he then goes back to his enclosure to relax.

Photo: YouTube/Amazing Animal by love life05

However, he isn’t gone for long. Like many siblings, once Dad is away, the madness and mayhem continue. After ramping up again, the boys are up to their old antics. However, Dad is right on the case again. Sadly, this time they’ve really done it – Dad ends up taking them back to their enclosure. Guess they’re on time out!

Watch the cute video down below:

What do you think of this gorilla dad and his two boys? Have you ever seen anything like it while at a zoo or a wildlife park? Let us know!

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