This Goose Is Clearly Not a Fan of Ice Skating. Watch the Relatable Video to Learn Why

Animals have proved to the world that they are capable of various skills and tricks. Some are naturally good at one skill, while others must be trained to hone their hidden talents. Moreover, animals are gifted with various skills because those are tools for survival. For instance, a cat could jump from one high place to another and land on their feet with ease. Animal bodies are built to adapt to different situations and environments. However, they could also be similar to humans in that some of us are just not capable of things that seem so simple to most people.

Photo: Reddit/TrueSkyDemon

Some animals can’t keep up with their group. It does not mean they are less intelligent than their peers, but they need time to master their talent. It could also be about their health condition hindering them from being at their best. Whatever the reason, their struggle could also be adorable and relatable for some. You could see that with one goose from a Reddit video posted by TrueSkyDemon. Their flock was effortlessly ice skating, but one particular goose was so bad that it kept falling.

Photo: Reddit/TrueSkyDemon

The goose could not maintain its stance, and its webbed feet couldn’t get accustomed to the ice. OP wrote the caption, “Goose: Why do others make it look so easy, but I’m struggling?” The poor goose did not give up until the end — perhaps its feathers helped endure each fall. It might be a bit saddening, but Redditors have a different way of interpreting the video. For most viewers, the goose was the perfect example of human struggle. Many people saw themselves in the goose — they compared life with ice skating.

“Never felt more related to a goose. This is me going through life.” Clarksp2 commented. Someone even compared it to most people on social media. “This is all of us moving through life. The others are just everyone else’s social media front,” corp_minion_no1 wrote. Life is indeed a series of falling down and standing up all over again. Others may have it all figured out, but deep inside, they face challenges as well. Those other geese might be good at skating, but they might also have made mistakes on the first try. Instead of crying about it, people laughed at the clip, reminding them of their daily life battles. Better send the Reddit post to someone who’s feeling down lately — they might get inspired or have a good laugh about the ups and downs of life and ice skating.

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