Google Earth Shows “Giant Titanoba Skeleton” But It Disappears With The Tide

You never know what you are going to see when you’re out and about for the day. Many people don’t even have to leave their homes to discover something awesome, which is the case with this skeleton that showed up on Google Earth.

The skeleton looks like a giant snake, and it was spread out on a French beach. It looked to be about the size of a large ship, and as you can imagine, millions of people came to view the clip on TikTok.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The owner of the clip, @googlemapsfun, really shows themselves for what they are. They love using Google Earth to uncover unusual things, and they call this one the “creepiest things Google Maps recorded.”

He went on to say: “Hidden on Google Earth, users believe this to be a giant snake. It’s about 30 meters long and bigger than any snake caught before.”

Photo: TikTok/@googlemapsfun

As he reached that point in the video, he zoomed in to show the bones on the beach.

There were many people who were calling the skeleton that of a prehistoric serpent, the Titanoboa. In the end, however, it wasn’t quite that exciting.

Photo: flickr/Merryjack

As it turns out, there was an art exhibit in the area, and “Serpent d’océan” was put on the coastline by Huang Yong Ping, a Chinese artist. According to Snopes, the work itself is some 425 feet long and looks a lot like the insides of a snake.

According to Loire Valley, the snake was the work of the Chinese artist and it emerges on the beach with each tide. It looks like a giant archaeological excavation, and the movement of the snake makes it appear alive.

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After the whistle was blown, many commenters came on to agree and said it was made by humans and was not anything special.

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