Malnourished Puppies Suffering From Mange Are Now Thriving Thanks To Your Support

Oklahoma Pet Collective Society received a call about several stray dogs living in deplorable conditions on a rural property in Prue. They arrived to find emaciated puppies missing most of their fur. They were leery of humans, so it took some time to capture them.

Their patience paid off and the rescue team was finally able to catch some of the dogs. They named the puppies Dolce and Gabbana who arrived covered in mange and sores and vastly underweight.

Photo: Oklahoma Pet Collective Society

Thanks to your generous donations, Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program was able to provide nutritious dog food to the shelter. The donated food not only provided the nutrition the dogs need but also allowed the shelter to free up some funds to provide medical care.

Photo: Oklahoma Pet Collective Society

Pets arrive daily at shelters in need of food and care and thanks to your support, they are able to save more lives.

Dolce and Gabbana were placed in a loving foster home to regain their strength and health. After weeks of nutritious meals and medical care, the pups are thriving. They have regained their fur and are at healthy weights.

Photo: Oklahoma Pet Collective Society

They have been placed up for adoption, and the shelter shared the great news that Dolce just found a loving home.

Gabbana is shy and hopes to find a quiet home soon. Learn more about this sweet girl here.

Photo: Oklahoma Pet Collective Society

These dogs and countless others were saved thanks in part to the GOODS food donation. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you!

The shelter also sends their thanks and said, “Because of the food donations from this program, we were able to provide food for Dolce and Gabbana while we tried to catch them, and for the remaining dogs from this family of strays we are working so hard to rescue. The GOODS Program are vital for rescues, we could never afford to feed this many rescue animals without this program, which means we could not save as many as we do. We are SO grateful for this program and the donors that make it possible!”

Sadly, there are still more dogs on the rural property who need help. The shelter is not giving up on “The Prue Crew” and plans to attempt to capture them once more. Follow the shelter on Facebook for more updates and to see how you can help.

Together we can save lives and do GOOD. Thank you for your continued support!

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