Pittsburgh Shelter Spoils Cats & Dogs With Donated Toys, Treats, And Food

Your generosity has made a huge impact on homeless pets in Pittsburgh. Dogs and cats at Animal Friends have full bellies, toys to play with, and supplies to get them started in their new forever homes.

The shelter received much-needed supplies from Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program which have enriched the lives of shelter pets and pets of families that have fallen on hard times. The team shared with us, “All of the donated product we received was distributed through our adoption program and our pet retention program. For our adoption program, we created a “going home kit” for cats who were adopted which included litter boxes and scoops, blankets, toys, and treats. The remaining supplies were distributed by our pet retention team at a series of outreach events that we hosted in several underserved Pittsburgh neighborhoods.”

Photo: Animal Friends

They went on to say, “We were able to serve almost 600 pets, providing them with needed pet food and supplies. While our pet retention team does outreach regularly, we are often unable to serve a large number of families with the supplies we have available. The influx of supplies from Greater Good Charities allowed us to broaden our reach into these communities to help us keep more pets in their homes and prevent them from being surrendered due to a lack of resources.”

Your donations changed the life of a senior cat named Tickles who arrived at the shelter in 2023 when her owner could no longer care for her. She devoured the tasty Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Tuna/Shrimp Lovers’ Variety and then received the best gift of all – a forever home.

Photo: Animal Friends

Her caretakers send their thanks for your support and said, “Her sweet and cuddly personality won over many staff and volunteers at Animal Friends – and eventually won over her adopters as well! We were thrilled to be able to send Tickles home with a kit full of toys, treats, and other supplies to help her feel right at home with her new family. Today, Tickles is healthy and happy in her home. We are so grateful for the support of Greater Good Charities in our work to improve the lives of our feline friends and find them each a loving forever home!”

There are so many shelters in need of a helping hand, so please consider donating food and supplies here. Together, we CAN change the world.

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