Good Samaritan Saves Grandma From Burning Building In Oregon

A Good Samaritan in West Linn, Oregon is being hailed as a hero after running into a burning house to save an elderly woman who was trapped inside.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue shared about the incident on Facebook. In the post, they explained that a grandmother and her grandson were upstairs in their home when they noticed flames from a fire.

Photo: YouTube/KPTV FOX 12 Oregon

As the fire grew, the grandson convinced his grandmother to evacuate the home while calling 911 for help. Unfortunately, as the woman made her way down the stairs amidst the smoke and heat, she ended up slipping and couldn’t make it to the door.

Amazingly, a stranger ended up seeing the commotion and stopping to help! He ran into the burning building and pulled the grandmother to safety.

According to KPTV, the grandson recalled trying to help his grandma down the stairs when she fell, and he was unable to pull her to safety.

The Good Samaritan, later identified as Ronnie Coulam, was driving down the street when he noticed the smoke and immediately sprung into action.

The grandmother, Jennie Brown, recalled the moment, saying: “This angel came out of nowhere and just swooped me up and I was out the door like that.”

Photo: Facebook/Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

According to the fire department, both the grandchild and bystander were presented with a certificate and coin recognizing their live-saving work.

Check out the news segment below:

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