Good Samaritan Stops Runaway Stroller With Baby Inside From Rolling Into Traffic

A Good Samaritan is being hailed a hero after saving a baby in a runaway stroller.

According to CBS Sacramento, the man had just finished a job interview and was sitting on a bench outside when he noticed the stroller with a baby inside rolling into traffic.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Sacramento

While some people would’ve sat by and watched, this man sprung into action and grabbed the stroller before it hit the road.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the baby boy was with his great aunt when the incident occurred.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Sacramento

As you can see in the surveillance footage below, the boy’s great aunt notices the stroller rolling away and tries to grab it but she trips and falls. She starts to get back up but keeps falling and can’t manage to stand up and grab the stroller.

Thankfully, Ron Nessman saw what was happening and managed to grab the stroller right before it ran into traffic.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Sacramento

Speaking with NBC Los Angeles, Nessman’s sister said: “The cars do 50-55 and it was a busy time of day.”

Nessman added that the baby’s great aunt was “shocked and crying” when he brought the baby back to her. She’d suffered scratches to her knees from falling to the ground and was unable to respond to the stressful situation. Thankfully, help was there.

You can watch the surveillance footage for yourself below:

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