Donkey Won’t Have a Good Night Until His Human Mom Gives Him Some Love

When you were a kid, do you remember how you built a habit of saying goodnight to your parents and getting kisses from them? It is indeed one of the most genuine and endearing gestures of expressing love to someone you cherish. The routine has been helpful to kids because it seems like a goodnight from their mom or dad can chase the nightmares away. If one person can complete your day, they can even be your favorite day-ender.

Photo: Kingdoms TV

This routine has also been adopted by animals. They know how to crave affection and be happy once they receive it. And if you are an animal parent, you know how persistent they can be — they’ll cutely wait until you give them attention. This doesn’t only happen with dogs and cats because one donkey proved that they like to be babied, too. The donkey has a special connection with its human parent, Jacqueline Gouveia. Since she uploaded the Facebook video, Django the donkey has captured the hearts of those who viewed the content.

Photo: Kingdoms TV

Every night, Django would wait for his mother through a window to receive a goodnight kiss. In the video, you can see how Django’s ears perked up after he heard Jacqueline’s voice. He couldn’t wait to have a sweet moment with her. It was heartwarming how his mother caressed him and whispered how much she loved him. The love was evident in Django’s eyes as he stared endearingly at his favorite human. It is undoubtedly one of the cutest videos on the internet. You can feel the warmth and love from the screen — Jacqueline showered the donkey with the love he deserves.

After the goodnights and sweet touches, Django would return to his quarters. It’s as if he has already received enough love to sleep well and have sweet dreams. Nightmares would definitely go away if you just had your daily dose of serotonin which will make someone sleep with a smile on their face. Have a glimpse of Django’s nighttime routine, and you’ll find yourself smiling amidst watching the video.

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