Senior Goldendoodle Refuses To Eat Her Food Unless Parents Pretend To “Season” It With Ranch Dressing

Just like with kids, dog parents need to come up with creative ways to entice their picky eaters to eat their food. Senior dogs can be particular about what type of food they prefer and topping it with their favorite human food can sometimes persuade them to eat.

Dog owners have added everything from eggs to pumpkin to their dog’s kibble. However, a 14-year-old Goldendoodle named Zoey believes that ranch dressing makes everything better, even if it is only pretend.

A viral video shared by @mickymets on TikTok shows the adorable pup spitting out her kibble and refusing to eat. Then her dad goes to the fridge and takes out the ranch dressing. He proceeds to pretend to “season” her kibbles with it and place the bowl back down. Zoey walks over and starts eating.


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So many dog parents can relate to this video. While pretending to add ranch dressing is a unique request, other parents shared their dog’s preference.

@debipeterson106 commented, “My dog would only eat it I put shredded cheese on top. I would literally put one shred and he would eat. No shred, no eat”.

@deviousangelnz added, “I don’t feel so bad now with my fussy Labrador. He won’t eat unless we sit with him like it’s a candlelit dinner”.

@theopinionatednana said, “It’s totally a doodle thing. I have 3 and have to pretend to sprinkle their food with liver treats.”

It is clear from the other videos shared by Zoey’s mom on TikTok that she is a “diva” and living her best life. Be sure to follow her for more entertaining videos.

We would love to hear how you get your picky dog (or cat) to eat. Feel free to share in the comments.

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