Mischievous Golden Retrievers Use Baby Sister To Commit A Midnight Crime

If you ever have a golden retriever in your life, it won’t take long to learn that they love people and food. That was exactly the case with Colby and Bleu, who welcomed their new human sister into the home, Chloe.

As shared on their YouTube channel, Cheese Pups, as Chloe began to grow, she soon was sitting in a highchair and eating food. The dogs learned very quickly to hang out under the highchair because there was always something dropped for their benefit.

Photo: YouTube/Cheese Pups

It was a symbiotic relationship, and Chloe certainly benefited from the love they showed to her as well. Even so, her parents kept her room closed up at night so she wouldn’t be disturbed by the dogs.

The problem is that Colby learned how to open doors early in life. He would eventually use this to his advantage to commit a crime in the household.

Photo: YouTube/Cheese Pups

Everything was going along nicely until one morning, the human parents woke to the sound of dogs barking. They discovered that the two dogs and their 15-month-old daughter were wandering freely around the home.

The mother feels the dogs wanted a snack, and since the parents wouldn’t wake up for breakfast, they decided to get Chloe up. After opening the door, they let themselves in and recruited Chloe to be part of the crime.

Photo: YouTube/Cheese Pups

They ended up seeing it on video thanks to a security camera, with the two of them rushing into the room and Chloe being absolutely thrilled that they were there. She didn’t follow them at first, but after a second trip into the room, they all disappeared into the home.

If you watch the entire crime unfold in this video:

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