Hungry Golden Retrievers Do “Dinner Dance” While Waiting For Food

Growing up, I remember eagerly waiting for dinner while my mom prepared food. If it was something tasty, I’d be easily giddy as I watched her cook and even helped set the table and did my part to get the food on my plate as quickly as possible.

It’s not just people that enjoy a good meal, either. Our pets do as well! In fact, I might argue some pets are a lot more food motivated than people are. At the least, they can be more enthusiastic.

Photo: YouTube/Judy Chapman

Just take Alfie and Albert, for example. They’re two golden retrievers who live with the Chapman family and they absolutely love dinner.

In an adorable video, you can see Alfie and Albert hungrily and eagerly waiting for their dinner to be served. Their owner, Judy, is fixing it on the kitchen counter while the two golden retriever pups do an excited “dinner dance” in anticipation.

Photo: YouTube/Judy Chapman

One of the dogs spins in endless circles while the other hops up and down like a bunny. The two continue their “dance” until Judy sets their food bowls down. They instantly go from being crazy and dancing to sitting patiently like the good boys they are!

As soon as Judy gives them the “all clear” to eat, they chow down.

Photo: YouTube/Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman uploaded the footage on YouTube with the caption, “Golden retrievers Alfie and Albert do their dinner dance. Food is so exciting!!”

Food certainly is exciting, it’s hard to argue that.

You can see the adorable video for yourself below:

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