From Champ to Chomp: Dog Takes Time Out from the Spotlight to Taste the Simple Things in Life

With almost half a million followers on Instagram and prestigious awards for being a golden champ, Kevin sure is a celebrity!

But this golden retriever does not let fame go into his head. He remains down-to-earth, lovable, and dedicated to his duties, like making coffee for his fur mom and inspiring her to smile when the day is not that bright.

His fur mom is very special to Kevin. She has supported him all the way in every dog show. He is the light of her life, her pride, and her doll. Well, sort of a doll, as he dons a cute costume for every important occasion under the sun.

Sometimes, with a wig and pink shades, he looks more glamorous than the Kardashians. Other times, he will get dressed up like a prince or a lovely damsel from a book of fairy tales. But what he loves the most are his hats, especially his duck hat.

His friends are likewise crazy about Kevin. He goes swimming, goes pumpkin picking, watches baseball games, and chows to his heart’s content with them.

But this time, Kevin is on a journey of his own, to a faraway land with a sparkling waterfall. Like any other celebrity, he needs to get away from all the attention from time to time to reconnect with his spirit and enjoy the simple things in life.

Like a stick. Is there something more satisfying than this?

Photo: Instagram Video/agoldennamedkevin

Everyone who has watched this video cannot help cheering him on!

“Looks comfy Kev!!! And a bit tasty!!”

“The simple joys of a good stick. Enjoy, Kebin..❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Nice!!! Wish I was there Kevin. Instead its excitment mania at my house! Check it out! Have a great day. Love your Georgia Buddy and friend, Charlie”

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