Golden Retriever Named Lady Refuses to Act Like One

To be a lady.

It’s an aspiration of many women. To be that kind of woman whose charming presence can stop conversations when she enters a room. Whose manners and etiquette seem impeccable. Whose wit and intelligence are mixed with ageless wisdom. And whose real beauty comes from a gentle and gracious heart.

Photo: Pexels/Danik Prihodko

Nowadays, you’ll still recognize real ladies but not by Victorian-era fashion and customs. Ladies, with grace and resiliency, have also learned to adapt to modern times. They now also wear slacks, boots, leather jackets, sunglasses, and swimsuits, depending on the occasion.

What has not changed is the elegant way they carry themselves and how they treat others — with respect and empathy. They also remain a delight to talk with, and a confidante to whom everyone can entrust a secret.

Photo: Tiktok/ladyandtheblues

Indeed, today’s ladies are still keen on keeping promises, and integrity matters to them more than swift success. They believe in hard work along with perseverance yet are rarely seen to lose their poise or their cool.

To be a lady. Who wouldn’t seize the chance to be one?

Photo: Tiktok/ladyandtheblues

Well, in this case of a Golden Retriever whose name is Lady, behaving like a lady 24/7 can be very challenging. Her fur parents and everyone else expect her to be confident and poised at all times. They don’t even stop short of telling her not to bark loudly, the way dogs normally do!

And should she really be polite toward male dogs? Especially those who behave like pests and stalkers? Forget about being a lady! Time to teach these rascals a lesson!

Watch more of the unlady-like things that Lady does without a care in the world!


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