Golden Retriever Does Unexpected “Trust Fall” With Delivery Driver

Golden retrievers are beloved by people around the world thanks to their friendly and gentle nature. Like many dog breeds, golden retrievers are subject to various stereotypes and they often hold true.

One common stereotype is that golden retrievers are overly friendly and will befriend anyone, including strangers.

Photo: TikTok/@ruffryderthegr

One golden retriever who fills the stereotype perfectly is a sweet pup named Ryder. While some dogs “guard” their homes and try to scare off anyone who comes nearby, Ryder waits leisurely in hopes of getting some belly rubs from whoever comes around.

Recently, Ryder was lounging at home on his porch bench when an Amazon driver walked up the steps to his house. The sweet dog turned his belly up to get some pets from the driver, but when the driver reached down to scratch him, the dog did a full “trust fall” off the bench!

Photo: TikTok/@ruffryderthegr

It was both adorable and derpy – a classic golden retriever move.

Once Ryder was safely on the porch floor, the delivery man was more than happy to offer him all the pets and scratches his little heart desired. How cute!

The entire moment was captured on the home’s security system and shared on Tiktok. Since being shared, the video received more than 36 million views!

Photo: TikTok/@ruffryderthegr

“Golden Retrievers showing us daily what the term ‘derp’ looks like,” one person commented. “‘Complete stranger? I bet he won’t let me fall.’ – every golden retriever,” another added.

Check out the hilarious video below:

@ruffryderthegr Delivery drivers, what can’t they do 🥹🥲😅 #goldenretriever #golden #dog #dogsoftiktok #cute #funny #adorable #trending #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ruffryderthegr

You can keep up with Ryder on TikTok or Instagram.

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