Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave The Pet Store

Rufio has lived a very good life. He is a therapy dog and gets to spend his day working and playing with his owner in Chicago, and stealing the show on Instagram.

Sometimes, they even get to go out on a field trip.

Photo: Instagram/@livingthatgoldenlife

On this particular day, Rufio went to the pet supply store. As you can imagine, that is like putting a kid in a candy shop. There were so many great things to see and smell.

The pooch had such a good day that he decided to stick around for a while. Even when his mom said it was time to leave, he refused to go.

Photo: Instagram/@livingthatgoldenlife

His antics and adorable fit did not go unnoticed. His human mom took a video and shared it on his Instagram account. Suddenly, he was going viral with his 220K+ followers.

At first, his human tried to persuade him to get up and go with a few gentle pulls on his lead. Rufio stood his ground, and she was only able to slide him across the floor.

Photo: Instagram/@livingthatgoldenlife

Before long, the dog decided to roll over on his side and give his mom a sad eyes look. Most people would have given up at this point but his mom had seen it all before.

This video just goes to show you how adorable our fur friends can be. Rufio may have been throwing a fit, but he did so in the most adorable way.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Rufio on Instagram, @livingthatgoldenlife.

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