Golden Retriever Apologizes After Pulling The Doggie Daycare Fire Alarm

If you’ve ever had a golden retriever in your life, you realize that they can be a little excitable at times. They also have the ability to get themselves in some mischief, and nobody does it better than Birdie.

That adorable golden retriever was recently in the spotlight after pulling the fire alarm at the local doggie daycare. According to KCCI, Jessica Tapper, the owner of Dogwoods Lodge, said Birdie didn’t realize he had pulled the fire alarm and nobody knew why it happened at first.

Photo: Pexels/Svetozar Milashevich

After looking at the security footage, they saw that Birdie had tripped the alarm when trying to get into the camp. He was excited to play with his friends and ended up pushing and pulling on the alarm, which set it off.

Most people would be concerned after pulling a fire alarm but Birdie seemed to take it in stride. When speaking to KCCI, Tapper said the other dogs were “freaking out” but it didn’t seem to bother Birdie at all.

Photo: Pexels/Oluwaseun Duncan

The fire department showed up and in the end, I think everyone had a good laugh over what had happened. It seems as if Birdie was truly repentant for what he did because he showed up on Facebook later.

The Dogwood Lodge sent the message on Facebook along with a picture of Birdie wearing an apology sign. The post said: “Birdie tested our fire system today and wanted to apologize to her dog friends and the fire dept.”

The fire department was more than willing to accept the apology from Birdie.

They posted on Facebook: “The face certainly says sorry. False alarms do occur from time to time, but it is our job to keep everyone safe. We are certainly glad there wasn’t a fire Dogwoods Lodge!”

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