Golden Retriever Escapes While Moving And Treks 40 Miles Back To His Old Home

Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for, and a recent story from Northern Ireland goes to show just that.

Lost Paws NI, a charity dedicated to helping lost and found pets throughout Northern Ireland, shared about a determiend and resilient golden retriever named Cooper on Facebook after the pup ran away from his home.

You see, Cooper’s family was moving several miles away from their old home and Cooper wasn’t thrilled about the changes.

Lost Paws NI explained, “Cooper was an extremely timid dog in a new environment and managed to slip from his owner which is when his adventure began.”

Photo: Facebook/Lost Paws NI

Cooper disappeared for weeks, leaving his parents worried and searching. They called in help from various people, but the dog managed to evade capture.

Lost Paws IN said that some farmers spotted Cooper, but the dog didn’t stick around for long. Days passed before another potential sighting of the dog occurred.

Photo: Facebook/Lost Paws NI

Eventually, after 27 long days, Cooper was finally located for good – at his old home!

“Cooper crossed main A roads, forests, fields, country roads all over 27 days to make his way back home from an area he had never been in before,” the Facebook post explained.

Thankfully, the dog is safe and sound with his family once again.

What an adventure!

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