Learn How to Prepare for a Date with This Handsome Golden Retriever

There are lots of sources of dating advice out there. You can ask for suggestions from your family and friends. Since they’ll be as excited as you are, they’ll be willing to help you choose the perfect clothes and shoes. Aside from them, you can refer to millions of people’s ideas on the internet. You’ll surely find dating advice through a blog, photo, or video. But one thing’s for sure; your main goal for that date is to impress the other person with your natural charm. Every resource will tell you that you should put your best foot forward to win their heart.

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However exciting, preparations can be overwhelming. You might even overthink the whole date — mistakes are inevitable. Thousands of what-ifs will run in your mind, but you must overcome those thoughts. Simply prepare for the date like this golden retriever winning people’s hearts on the internet. You might learn something from Sammy’s Instagram reel — he prepared for a date with the most relaxed demeanor. Apparently, the handsome goldie was getting ready for his date with Layla. The clip showed Sammy’s “get ready with me” video, which started with him taking a bath.

Photo: Instagram/sammythegolden247

The step-by-step video ended with Sammy picking up a beautiful sunflower at the store. With how adorable Sammy is, Layla wasn’t the only one whose heart got stolen that day; over 700k viewers also gushed over Goldie. People in the comment section fell in love with him — showering Sammy with heart emojis and cheers. One user commented, “Awww, she’s going to love you, beautiful Sammy.” Who wouldn’t be impressed with the dashing good boy?

Some people also asked for an update of the date in the comment section. However, there’s still no news from Sammy, but here’s to hoping they had a great time during the date. For now, you can get to know more about Sammy and Layla by following their respective Instagram pages. Besides the get-ready-with-me video, Sammy has many endearing videos that will make you fall for him even more. And if you find yourself struggling while preparing for a date, watch Sammy’s Instagram reel to lighten up — be reminded to stay calm, bring a flower, and wear your best smile.

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