Watch The Moment A Daddy Golden Retriever Meets His 11 Puppies.

One of the most incredible times in any parent’s life is when they first look at their new baby.

It’s something that they wait months for, and when the day finally arrives, it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Photo: YouTube/Leo Fucarev

Imagine, however, if it wasn’t just a single child you saw for the first time. This golden retriever daddy was experiencing that because he had 11 puppies to greet.

In a video shared on Youtube, you can see him getting close to the puppies, it is evident that he is a little nervous and perhaps anxious about the situation. After all, the puppies are running around and rambunctious, but he is standing and looking inside.

Photo: YouTube/Leo Fucarev

However, when they open the gate, things begin to turn a corner because he sniffs them and wanders in. He may be quiet at first, but if you watch his tail closely, you can see that he is happy about the situation.

After being with the puppies for a little while, he could walk in, and they came over to inspect the big dog that was now with them. There was a lot of sniffing, but the father took it like a champ.

Photo: YouTube/Leo Fucarev

Finally, the father could get a good view of the children by getting on the couch. The puppies were taking a nap, which was beautiful to see.

There are always going to be moments in our lives that define us. This moment, when a golden retriever dad meets his 11 puppies, beautifully defines him.

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