Hiker Finds Lost And Freezing Golden Retriever 6 Miles Up A Moutain

Things can get pretty chilly in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. One couple that knows this all too well is Jean-Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan, who enjoy taking a walk in the mountains on occasion.

They were out for a walk on one particular morning when it was quite chilly and they saw something moving in the distance. They weren’t sure what it was but when they got close enough, they found out it was a dog.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

According to The Dodo, it seems as if the golden retriever had been out there for a long time. She was injured with cuts on her legs and she could barely stand because she was so weak.

Since the golden retriever wasn’t able to walk and she couldn’t even bark, Ciara gave the dog her jacket. It was needed because the dog was shivering from head to toe.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

They then fastened the dog to Jean’s backpack and started to trek down the hill again. It took a while to get there because they were 6 miles away from the parking lot, but five hours later, they were at the car and on the way to safety.

The golden retriever was taken home and given some food. They allowed her to warm up before contacting an animal rescue to see if they could find her owners.

Jean shared on Instagram that Neesha, as the dog was called, had been missing for two weeks. She was hiking with her family along with Harley, another dog, when they started chasing a deer.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Although the family says they searched until dark and even came back the next day, they weren’t able to find Neesha, the Irish Times reports. Harley, on the other hand, was back in the parking lot. They even used a drone left laundry laying around and went on social media, but after two weeks, they had given up hope.

Fortunately, she is back home now. She is gaining weight and is doing well.

Check out her story in the video below:

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