This Short Clip Radiates Sunshine as a Group of Golden Retrievers Descends from a Mall Escalator in Brazil

All dogs can bring happiness to any household or place they stay at. Perhaps the most well-known fur of sunshine is the Golden Retriever — not because of their beautiful golden coat but because of their personality. They are great with families, especially with kids, as goldies can act like older siblings to your little ones. Goldies are also easily trainable, making them an even more perfect new family member.

Photo: Pixabay/SmBerG

Many pet parents can testify that these dogs are the companions you wish to keep for a long time. These qualities make golden retrievers so in-demand and well-loved by people of different ages. The internet even has a collection of videos featuring goldies being the sunshine bringer they are. Each piece of content radiates happiness and warmth even from the screen of your device. You’ll surely want to get one of your own and provide them with the best life.

Photo: Reddit/Prululululululululu

Recently, a video of golden retrievers has made internet users smile and melt from its cuteness. It’s like the gates of heaven opened and blessed this mall with golden retrievers. The goldies were carried by their pet parents as they descended from an escalator. It was one golden retriever after another — indeed such an adorable sight that people couldn’t help but capture the moment.

The short clip was uploaded by Prululululululululu on Reddit and has accumulated 27.3k upvotes. Redditors were so delighted with the video that they filled the comment section with positive feedback. Some Redditors even requested to see the whole meeting between all the goldies. It would most certainly be a treat to see all those sweet and gentle creatures play together. Whoever thought of the golden retriever meeting surely deserves to be thanked and applauded.

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