Endangered Golden Monkeys Embrace In Sweet Human-Like Hug

Sometimes, all you need is a good hug.

A sweet video captured the rare moment two golden monkeys embraced in a human-like hug and it’s precious to watch.

Photo: Facebook/WWF UK

According to Natural Habitat Adventures in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, golden monkeys are a subspecies of blue monkey that have adapted to live in high-altitude forests.

The species generally form groups of between 3 and 80 members and have complex social behaviors. Even so, hugging usually isn’t observed.

Photo: Facebook/WWF UK

WWF UK shared the video of the warm embrace between two golden monkeys on Facebook, saying:

“Sometimes we just need a hug! Turn on your sound for this rare footage of two endangered golden monkeys hugging. We don’t know for sure why this couple are hugging but, like humans, it’s a way to express emotions.”

Per Natural Habitat Adventures, habitat loss and fragmentation play a role in the species decline, but conservationists are hard at work to preserve the species.

Photo: Facebook/WWF UK

They explained, “Remote cameras installed in the parks are revealing more about golden monkey ecology and are monitoring illegal human activities as well.”

Check out the adorable footage below to see the two monkeys embracing:

Have you ever seen two monkeys hug like that before? Let us know!

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