Goat Trapped In 250-Foot Irrigation Pipe Gets Saved Just In The Nick Of Time

When you are involved in rescuing animals, you never quite know what you are going to run into from one day to the next. Some days may start out fairly normally but others take a turn that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Somebody who knows this very well is Andy Gallo. He works with the Arizona Humane Society as an emergency animal technician. Sometimes, he gets the most unusual calls to help with an animal that needs it in the worst way and that is what happened in the case of a billy goat.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

It seems as if the billy goat, who was only eight months old at the time, had fallen into a long irrigation pipe. As AHZ shared on Facebook, it wasn’t a simple matter of just going in and pulling the billy goat out of the pipe, they had to study the situation prior to going in.

Andy worked along with Gracie Watts and Savana Wilcox, who also work at the Humane Society, and they decided to take a camera in and look for the goat. They could hear the goat but they couldn’t reach him or see him.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

The following day, they came back with the camera attached to a 100 feet of PVC pipe. They inserted it into the irrigation system and worked feverishly to locate the goat and do what they could to save him.

They knew they had a limited amount of time because of all the rain that had occurred in the area. They didn’t want the pipe to fill with water, so they started using shovels and pickaxes to dig through the concrete and dirt. At the time, they didn’t even know where the goat was.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

In a press release, Gracie said: “We could not lay eyes on the goat at all, we never saw him before we started chipping away.” She went on to say that they were working on faith.

Although they had not yet located the billy goat with the camera, they work very far off target. After digging through the pipe, they were able to pull the goat out of the pipe because he was only 5 feet away.

Within minutes, it started to pour down rain and the rescuers knew that if they hadn’t done what they did immediately, the animal likely would’ve drowned.

Photo: Facebook/Arizona Humane Society

Andy admits that they never had the thought of quitting. He just kept telling himself that it wasn’t going to happen because he knew the goat would’ve drowned down there if they didn’t save him.

You can watch the moment they pull the Billy goat from the pipe in the following video:

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